Cham Makes His Triumphant Return With Upcoming ‘Lawless’ Album

Cham Makes His Triumphant Return With Upcoming ‘Lawless’ Album

It’s been a long hard road for Cham aka Baby Cham. After exploding onto the pop charts in 2005 with his Alicia Keys-assisted hit single, “Ghetto Story,” the dancehall sensation traveled the world off the strength of the smash record and an album by the same that soon followed.

However after some major label turmoil and unpreventable issues, the singer took time to himself and then regrouped with dancehall legend Dave Kelly and Madhouse Records to keep his musical fire burning. His name stayed alive through a constant flow of dub-plates, mixtapes, loosies and live performances. To this day, his loyal following remains in anticipation for his next album.

On Wednesday (Apr 5), Saint Andrew Parish native stopped by VIBE to discuss his official comeback album, plans for 2017, new single “Money Wine” and more. To outsiders, it may seem like the dancehall star has been on a musical hiatus, but real purveyors of the culture know he has been quite active in the underground.

Cham’s forthcoming Lawless album is scheduled to be released this summer.


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