Ghetto Story

Recovery [edited]


Released: Aug 15, 2006
® Madhouse Records

Format / Edition(s):Album


1 Ghetto Story
2 Tic Toc (Amended Version)
3 Rude Boy Pledge
4 Bring It On (Remix) [Featuring Majic
5 Don’t Test Me (Amended Version)
6 Wah Dem a Say Now?
7 Fat Pu**any (Hottie Hottie Girl) [Fe
8 Bad Boys (Featuring Tia Jean)
9 Boom Boom (Featuring Rihanna)
10 Talk to Me (Amended Version)
11 Vitamin S
12 Love It Like That [Amended Version]
13 Girl (Featuring Jimmy Cheezetrix)
14 Cham (Amended Version)
15 Ghetto Story Chapter 2 (Featuring
16 Ghetto Story Chapter 3 (Featuring
17 Bad Mind
18 On a Roll (Amended Version) [Bo

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