HEAT Magazine recently caught up with O to discuss how she’s adjusting to life in the limelight, stepping outside of her husband’s shadow, the inspiration behind her debut single “Money Pull Up” and more.

When HEAT sat and had a chat with the hilariously funny O, it was to find out how she is adjusting to her new career and the public’s response. Asked how long has she wanted to step behind the mic and on to the stage? Laughing O said, “I don’ t know if people gonna believe, but now looking back I remember when I was in my dating stages with Mr. Beckett, he had this song that I would just imagine performing with him, but I never imagined it being on the level that I’m doing it. Then as we became serious and started a family I never really had that desire, but I’m sure it was lingering somewhere in the back of my head because I knew I had it in me, and now I’m like ‘This is really happening, like this happened!’”

Dreams to reality, did you expect to be a sensation sharing the stage with your husband? “No, I didn’t expect all of this that’s happening, even when I did the song ‘Wine’ I kinda just did it and forgot about it, because I didn’t want to be disappointed if my voice didn’t make it to the final cut, chambut when I heard the final mix that’s when I got excited and called my friends and played it for them and I just wanted it to be released, so everyone could hear it. I was very excited. I would ask Cham every day when the Cash Flow guys gonna release the song.” Laughing out loud, she confessed, “I was so annoying.”


With her admitting she never planned to pursure the thought of featuring on a track, HEAT wondered how did the first collaboration, ‘Wine’ come to be then. She said, “Oh, that collaboration was not planned.” In an imitation of her husband’s voice, she said laughing, “Was just like ‘Ophie mash a works fi mi’.” Continuing, she said, “I got the lyrics, melody and I just sing. It sound pretty easy don’t it? But that was basically how it started.” Then she added proudly, “With ‘Tun up’ I know I was gonna do it because of the buzz ‘Wine’ was getting. It was more difficult to record than ‘Wine’ but I nailed it.”

cham-OThose two dancehall hits under her belt, HEAT asked about the inspiration behind the newest release ‘Money Pull Up’. She said, “The song was inspired by the whole dancehall vibe, where they give money to pull-up a song that they like, so I’m saying that we the females need to get money pull-up when we do the things that they like.” Then she burst into laughs.

“What do you love most about being a performing and recording artiste?” Thinking, she said, “I like the fulfilment I get when I’m done performing, especially when I’m satisfied with my performance. I always look forward for the feedback from Beckett,” Laughing she said, “That’s what I call him, and from my dj or just the team that’s there with us because I trust their feedback especially Beckett. He’s been doing this for years and still very much relevant, so I look forward for that, and also when people come up to me and say ‘Good show’, it warms my heart because I’m like really did I just went on stage infront of all those people… Scary.”

Now truly flying solo in a sense, HEAT asked O if she ever foresaw the response to ‘Money Pull Up’ baby-cham-o-tun-upthat she is receiving. To which she responded, “Well I knew the concept of the song would catch on especially with the females and also the ‘ghetto mi born ghetto mi grow’ quote, a lot of people in dancehall can relate to that, but honestly I didn’t really know what to expect, especially after ‘Tun up’ is like the bar was set high, so I’m appreciating every bit of love I’m getting.”

What’s next in store for fans, with a giggle, O concluded, “There is a lot going on in my head that I want to bring to life, so just keep your ears and eyes out for ‘O’.”


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