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November Tour on NOW

Chicago – Sunday 18th November 2018

Venue: Bassline II 2239
Address: 2239 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616
Doors Open: 10:00 pm

Dallas – Friday 23rd November 2018
Venue: Aldeez Event Center
Address: 7879 Spring Valley Rd #117 Dallas TX
Show-Time: 10:00 pm

Houston Tx – November 24th 2018
Venue: Cool Runnings Jamaican Bar
Show Time: 10:00 pm


Indianapolis – Sunday 11th November 2018
Venue: Ambassador Lounge
Address: 6319 N. Guilford Ave Broad Ripple, Indianapolis
Doors Open: 10:00 pm

Minneapolis, MN – Thursday 15th November 2018
Venue: Brooklyn Center
Address: 2590 freeway Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55430
Doors Open: 9:00 pm

Columbus Oh – Saturday November 17th 2018
Venue: Eclipse Ultra Lounge
Address: 6240 Busch Blvd, Columbus OH 43229
ShowTime: 10:00 pm



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New Release by CHAM

Cham “Money Wine” Video




New Release by CHAM


Dancehall Reggae artist, Cham and Madhouse Records are pleased to formally announce the recent single release of “Money Wine.” Coupled with a music video that is currently available on Youtube and Cham’s Vevo channel, the single was first released a week ago as part of a soft launch. The effort is part of a greater announcement involving the rollout of a new album slated for release in May 2017. Cham’s last album,

Cham’s last album, Ghetto Story was published in August 2006; leaving fans wholeheartedly waiting for the next major record from the Jamaican-born Deejay. Ultimately, “Money Wine” serves as an enthusiastic sneak peek to what fans could anticipate of the album that is appropriately named LAWLESS.

Check out the full video above.

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In Caribbean Entertainment News

 April 19, 2017 Caribbean Entertainment Magazine


It’s been a decade since Ghetto Story and there is no shortage of Cham fans in the mood for the full throttle experience. When he aims to please, he hits the mark, and what we know is that he does so with his latest work, an album aptly named Lawless. The long awaited third album is all about delivery and when it comes down to it, a taste of what’s to come is plenty to whet the appetite and still leave us begging for more. The release of the highly anticipated album has drawn heavy industry attention with a promise to be the artist’s best work to date.

The debut hit hard with both audio and video teasers of the off limits attitude associated with Lawless. Have you heard the recently dropped “Money Wine”? When you do what you do for you, it also becomes about what it does for someone else, so if you have an adventurous spirit and the desire to get down – you get it, you’ll feel what “Money Wine” is all about. Taking that authentic dancehall atmosphere and making it hotter and heavier, pushing the limits in a very specific way. The sound of that sensation is feverishly expressed visually, and that’s something that is evident with respect to the video under the direction of Jamaican based Xtreme Arts.

Doesn’t it seem like by focusing in on what brings pleasure, furthering the sound has become second nature? The beauty of the artistry is in the dedication to the rawness of it and yet the fresh approach appears as it becomes more about structured emotion and layers of energy. You can tell that with Cham it’s the vision that matters, taking sophisticated and clever and finding what makes it raunchy and real reminds us that the players and the pieces are inconsequential. You can spot this when you see it, and it translates to a siren song. So the thing that really is standing out here is the magic that happens when Cham works with Stranger.

That’s the relationship between him and Dave “Stranger” Kelly that has evolved over time to solidify the special nature of the performance plus producer enhanced status that rivals the synergy of Dre and Snoop or more recently Eminem. In what can be seen as a parallel, the pair broke off from Atlantic a few years back and Madhouse Records moved on to reggae/dancehall distributor DubShot Records. They’ve come up with a bit of a trademark in developing their own unique routine, it’s packed with a punch and you can make no mistake it’s purposeful.

Lawless appears to be a breeding ground for mixing and matching authentic components with the added no holds barred freedoms of fusion. Rumor had it Cham is making his rounds to unveil the labor of love and we can expect to catch him in New York early April to promote this latest work before he heads off to Europe. With the debut of Money Wine we can anticipate the track will rise to limitless measure – in the club and ready to pounce, or on the go and eager to penetrate the popular reaction. Could it be the soundtrack of Summer calling… ?

Cham Makes His Triumphant Return With Upcoming ‘Lawless’ Album

It’s been a long hard road for Cham aka Baby Cham. After exploding onto the pop charts in 2005 with his Alicia Keys-assisted hit single, “Ghetto Story,” the dancehall sensation traveled the world off the strength of the smash record and an album by the same that soon followed.

However after some major label turmoil and unpreventable issues, the singer took time to himself and then regrouped with dancehall legend Dave Kelly and Madhouse Records to keep his musical fire burning. His name stayed alive through a constant flow of dub-plates, mixtapes, loosies and live performances. To this day, his loyal following remains in anticipation for his next album.

On Wednesday (Apr 5), Saint Andrew Parish native stopped by VIBE to discuss his official comeback album, plans for 2017, new single “Money Wine” and more. To outsiders, it may seem like the dancehall star has been on a musical hiatus, but real purveyors of the culture know he has been quite active in the underground.

Cham’s forthcoming Lawless album is scheduled to be released this summer.


Watch full interview here:

Money Wine Single is here

Download it on iTunes today.


Download the FREE #Lawless 2016 Mixtape in FULL!!!

Download the FREE #Lawless 2016 Mixtape in FULL!!!

Cham superb at We Are Reggae…


CHAM delivered a superb set at the We Are Reggae concert series held at the Beach Bar, Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay, recently.

The deejay’s interactive two-hour-10-minute performance included crowd favourites Vitamin S, Galang Yah Gal and Ghetto Story.

The evening’s opening act, Montego Bay’s Princess Natoya, seduced the audience with her remarkable vocals.

“We Are Reggae is all smiles. Our patrons were treated to the best of Jamaican dancehall. Cham delivered an astounding performance. Princess Natoya declared to the world that she is one to watch. Once again, We Are Reggae delivers the best of live music,” said Peter Lloyd, the series’ co-promoter.

He used the opportunity to that patrons and artistes who have supported the series since its inception.

“It’s our patrons who are there for us each and every month and the amazing artistes who choose to grace our stage each month that are the key to the We Are Reggae unplugged and up close concert series success. Thank you all,” he continued.

‘We Are Reggae’ series continues on November 28 with reggae singer Richie Spice.



Fans can’t get enough

This is what happen every night on this tour when I close the show!! Fans just can’t have enough and I just can’t have enough of them!! ‪#‎Bratislava‬ ‪#‎Slovakia‬ I ❤ U!! ‪#‎Lawless‬ fi Life!!

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Cham performing stronger – LIVE

Cham performing Stronger – LIVE
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